Topic: Past Services

The Crisis of Identity

Humanity is gripped by a crisis of identity, as various groups enjoin a needless struggle to differentiate themselves, why they are here, and what they should do about it. The result is a mind-numbing array of “us-es” and “them-s” with self-definitions growing more and more … read more.


Hope is the ability to look into the future and see something beautiful.

All You Need Is Love

LOVE is a word that has many meanings and interpretations. Elaine takes us on a journey of Spiritual Love, Romantic Love, Family Love, the Love of Animals and more using lecture, music, singing, and sharing.

Widening Our Circle of Belonging

When we value something deeply, we naturally want as many people as possible to share in it…we are ever seeking to widen our circle of belonging – to bring more and more people into our joy. That’s what Martin Luther King was all about and … read more.