Adult Faith Formation Opportunities

We are happy to invite you to participate in any or all of these upcoming Faith Formation Opportunities offered here at 1stUUPB!  This list includes opportunities made available by other congregations who have invited our members to participate.    Let’s use this opportunity to stimulate our minds, touch our emotions and invigorate our souls.   

1stUUPB News Talk
Sundays, 9:00am – 10:00am
Led by Drew Davis and Bob Burns, this long-lived staple of our congregation continues to provide excellent review of current events and how they impact our lives.  Our minister says that if they had awards for such series, this one would win one, for sure.  Grab a cup of coffee and come by if you can, don’t worry about missing or how long you can stay. All are welcomed.  Check the weekly newsletters for links to the Zoom meeting.

Racial Justice Film Series “Rustin”
Thursday, January 18th @ 6:00 p.m.
Film, Dinner and Discussion – in Minister’s Hall and via ZOOM.
All are welcome!  Bring your friends and family.

Small Group Ministries
Small Group Ministries, known throughout Unitarian Universalism as “Covenant Circles” or “Covenant Groups” or by other names are standing groups ranging from 6 to 12 individuals who agree to meet on a regular basis (normally every other week).  The meetings involve check-ins and discussions of various meaningful topics.  Groups are forming and disbanding all the time, but generally meet for a year or two as agreed upon by the participants.  Contact Chari Campbell at if you’re interested in learning more.

Book Group
Second Saturday (Nov – Apr), 10:00AM – 12:30PM
In January 2020, 22 year-old poet Amanda Gorman read her original poem The Hill We Climb at Joseph Biden’s Presidential inauguration. It is a stunningly beautiful poem that acknowledges this country’s past transgressions and current challenges and charges us to make choices that will leave a better world for our children. Last May, a Miami-Dade school restricted access to the poem due to a complaint by one parent that it contained “indirect hate messages” and “was not educational.”
So, this is where we find ourselves in the United States today, and it was the impetus for both developing our theme, The Hill We Climb, and compiling our reading list for the Second Saturday Book Group’s 2023-2024 season.
All are welcome to these discussions.
You can also follow this link for more information:

Teaching Thursdays
Teaching Thursday Description:
Combining food, fellowship, and education, these programs and classes are provided for members of our congregation and for the community at large. All programs are free. Leaders vary from week to week; most are from our congregation.  And we’re looking for teachers!  If you have a skill or interest, and if you’re willing to share that interest within the community, please contact Bob Burns and let him know!  You can reach him at