Seeking a liberal religious experience in South Florida?  Visit us.  We are an inclusive congregation where people of various faiths, backgrounds, and sexual orientations come together to help each other grow spiritually, strive for social justice, and help those in need.  We are a diverse, welcoming community drawn together by these common goals.  Come and experience our ways of worship and rich community life for yourself. Visitors are always welcome.

   CURRENT LEVEL: BRICK RED (SEVERE) RISK as of 12/25/21. This means that our campus is closed except for mission critical activities Please click the button below to see the building usage parameters for this level and learn more about the planning process or here for a quick guide in an easy to read grid format.  Covid-19 Planning

Sunday Services will be available on Zoom and Facebook.

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What Sustains Us: Air; Being Good for Nothing

“Being Good for Nothing”

As religious liberals, we are not motivated toward moral behavior by the fear of everlasting punishment or the hope of heavenly reward. What is it in our faith, then, that calls us toward goodness?


My parents always said that we were Unitarians, however we went to a Federated Church which was 95% Congregationalists and 5% Unitarians so I never knew what being Unitarian really meant.  After finding 1stUUPB I found out, and I knew this congregation was for me.  It is the congregation itself that makes this church so important to me.