Sunday Services will be available In-person and on Zoom and Facebook.

CURRENT LEVEL:  GREEN (LOW) RISK. This means that our campus will be open for Sunday Services in-person with no restrictions. Other indoor events also have no restrictions. Some activities may remain solely on-line or hybrid, please check emails and the newsletter regarding location of activities.  Covid-19 Planning

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The Crisis of Identity

Humanity is gripped by a crisis of identity, as various groups enjoin a needless struggle to differentiate themselves, why they are here, and what they should do about it. The result is a mind-numbing array of “us-es” and “them-s” with self-definitions growing more and more … read more.

The Next New Normal

Congregations and their people are still feeling the drag of two years of isolation and its associated stressors. Many experts describe our collective experiences as trauma, and trauma takes time to heal. This drag is leading to a completely understandable “low capacity” for all kinds … read more.