History of the Fund

In 2014 a member of the congregation donated funds to be used to provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Palm Beach County who choose to enroll in public or private  colleges and trade schools.  In our search for economic justice, the scholarships are offered to students without any restrictions placed on eligibility.  However, those students who have demonstrated involvement in social justice work, can articulate a plan for future social justice work, and those with financial need will receive specific consideration.

History of Harriet Glasner

A founding member of this congregation, Harriet Glasner was devoted to justice.  Since her arrival in Palm beach County in 1952 she was a trailblazer advocating for civil rights, women’s rights, reproductive justice and human rights.  She used her time and treasure to desegregate Palm Beach County schools, public parks, and beaches in the 1950’s. She founded or supported many organizations in Palm Beach County including, Planned Parenthood, Emergency Medical Assistance, the Palm Beach County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Palm Beach County Funeral Society, the Florida Council of Human Relations, and the Association of Religious Organizations. She was a humanitarian and the embodiment of our Unitarian Universalist faith and values.  Ms. Glasner was born in 1905 and died in 2002.

Administration of the Fund

The Congregation’s Justice Action Ministry Committee (JAM) establish a four or five person team to administer the Scholarship Fund.  The Minister of the congregation and the JAM chairperson participates as ex-officio members of the team.  By January 5th of each calendar year the scholarship team will offer information regarding the scholarship to schools in Palm Beach County.  By March 5th of each calendar year applicants will have their scholarship applications to the CommitteeSAC via mail or electronically.  Any applications received after March 5th 12:00 am EST will not be considered.  The  sub-committee administering the fund will award up to $10,000.00 per calendar year and make award announcements by May 8th of each calendar year through 2024 at which time the JAM will evaluate the fund.

Eligibility for Awards

  • Applicants must have earned or be in the process of earning a high school diploma or a GED in Palm Beach County..
  • Recipients must agree to attend the award service of the congregation on April 29
  • The number and amount of awards may vary from year to year.  Each award may be up to $5000.  Administrators of the fund will review applications and announce awards by April 6th

Application Process

  • Students meeting eligibility for awards must complete the application and return by March 5th 12:00 am EST by mail to:


Justice Action Committee

First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches

635 Prosperity Farms Road

North Palm Beach, FL 33408


OR  by email to

uniuni2@att.net  using a subject line JAM Scholarship Fund


A copy of the application is available for download at the link below.


Download the 2018 Application