During the Covid-19 Pandemic, and until further notice, unless otherwise noted, our Sunday services are being held on Zoom and Facebook Live at 10:30 AM. We invite you to join us there for service and a social time afterward: 

Sunday Worship on Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 831 0418 9287

Worship on Facebook Live


We all know the role of religion in our personal experiences, but how does (or how should it) inform public life? We all love the notion of a separation between church and state, but is that even possible, and do we even want that?

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We love stasis. Its calming, its comfortable. Yet, when you think about it, its pretty unnatural. Why do see change – something we know is going to happen – as something to be avoided?

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Small Group Ministry Sunday

Small group ministry…covenant circles…covenant groups…whatever you call them, they are integral to any religious community. We look into their importance – both for the community and for you.

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