During the Covid-19 Pandemic, and until further notice, unless otherwise noted, our Sunday services are being held on Zoom and Facebook Live at 10:30 AM. We invite you to join us there for service and a social time afterward: 

Sunday Worship on Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 831 0418 9287

Worship on Facebook Live

A Meditation on Love

No, this is not about Hallmark cards for Valentine’s Day, nor anything like the Beatles’ song “Love Love Love”… So, who, what, and where? The Hebrew Bible, Jesus, the Buddha, Karen Armstrong, and Martin Luther King, Jr. And by the way, can you forgive your … read more.

The Calm of Winter

The peace of night surrounds us more today than at any other time of year. The stillness. The quiet. The darkness. The calm. What are the gods telling us by arranging for us to experience life this way?

The Grace of Gifts

This time of year is a time for giving and receiving gifts. There is something deeply human about giving gifts and something deeply divine about receiving them. Let us together give thanks for the grace of gifts.