Speaker: Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol

INSTEAD OF A BIO, Rev. Dr. Crystal would rather be known for her good deeds.

Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol likes to trouble the waters of social and religious injustice.  As a certified visionary, she initiates institutions of change for herself and creates paths to level the playing field that others can use if they choose.  For example:

She established the first Graduate Christian Family Church in 1980 to create a religion where she could teach herself to write her own bible, design her own religion and practice what she preached.  People came and practiced with her.  In 1985 her board of trustees ordained her as minister of that religion.

The next year in 1986, she established the First Woman’s Church in the City of the Angels to practice honoring the Holy and Divine Feminine by using only the feminine pronoun when speaking with or praying to the Divine and Holy Spirit.  Women came to practice recognizing “Her” as the Divine, especially when it comes to seeing God in the mirror, and in their mind, heart, and spirit.  That work continued through many chapters of First Woman’s Church until the pandemic blessed them with the idea to combine their services on Zoom.

In 2002, after moving from Los Angeles to Vero Beach, she created the Gifford Youth Orchestra at the request of a Gifford resident, Annie Laura Powell.  Children came and are still coming to embody the music education and performance etiquette her program offers.

Rev. Crystal expanded a quote to fit her vision for this youth enrichment program, “More Violins … Less Violence … Better Tomorrows.

As she retires from the Gifford Youth Orchestra work to ensure a legacy is created, she has been assigned to write the orchestra’s history.  She now serves as a UUFVB  Board Member to continue her lifelong mission of troubling the waters of social and religions injustice, and as a UUFVB Affiliate Minister who welcomes all as her African Sisters.