The Racial Justice Subcommittee 2023-24 Film Series Presents “Origin” by Ana DuVernay

Thursday, April 18th at 6:00 PM      
Minister’s Hall and Zoom
Film, Dinner and Discussion     

Origin is based on the life of Isabel Wilkerson as she writes the book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents (which was our Racial Justice Congregational Read in 2022). Over the course of the film, Wilkerson travels throughout Germany, India, and the United States to research the caste systems in each country’s history.
According to DuVernay, the film has biographical elements, so in some ways, it’s a biopic. In some ways, it’s docu-drama. In some ways, it’s just a straight up adaptation of these really beautiful and tragic moments in history. The goal was to try to stitch together a tapestry, to create a quilt — that’s how I think of it — and allow myself to color outside the lines of what I’ve been told. Just to throw all that out and tell the story from my gut. And it came from reading this book.
Watch trailer here.
Join us for this compelling film with a discussion following it facilitated by Rev Latifah.
Pizza and drinks will be provided.  Feel free to bring snacks or dessert to share.
All Are Welcome!   No registration necessary