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Updated Covid Guidelines as of 8.20.2022

The Board has approved updated Covid-19 guidelines on campus. This was done to bring our guidelines more directly in line with the updated CDC guidelines, due to the desire of congregants to have more flexibility for events on campus, and to allow for individuals to … read more.

2023 Ministerial Search Cottage Meeting Information

Updated Ministerial Cost Projections and Possible Effect on Endowment (Please look especially at the Summary – Scenario 1, 1A Budget, and 1B Endowment documents as those were projections used to determine the amount for the Proposed Motion. The additional projections are assuming zero return and … read more.

Notification of New Covid-19 Building Parameters

The Board of Trustees has approved new Covid-19 building use parameters on campus. Due to the changing landscape of Covid-19 and the CDC’s changing to the Community Level three color system rather than the five color Community Transmission system (which CovidActNow was based upon), the … read more.

News from the Board of Trustees

Thank you for your participation in the Congregational Annual Meeting. We voted into office the following volunteers to serve the congregation starting May 1st. Please thank these members for their willingness to serve when you see them.

Endowment Committee: Carol Baxter, Paul Ward, Lauren Furst, Frank … read more.

Annual Meeting Notice 3-27-2022

Dear 1stUUPB Members –

Please join us for our Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 27, 2022 following the service.  At this meeting voting will be held for the following items:

The Annual Meeting Minutes of March 28, 2021The FY 2022-23 Congregational BudgetThe Leadership Slate Nominations from the … read more.

Reopening Task Force Update

1stUUPB AUGUST 2021 

Unfortunately, due to the continued rise in Covid-19 cases in our county, we have moved into the Brick Red (Severe/Extreme Risk) category according to Covid Act Now as of Saturday, August 14, following the weekly data … read more.