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Pandemic Building Usage 5.30.21

The Board held a special meeting on Thursday, May 27, to discuss the Pandemic Building Usage Parameters that the reopening task force recommended. With a few changes, the Board approved the pandemic building use chart shown below. As always, the Task force and the Board … read more.

March 2021 Reopening Task Force Report

The 1stUUPB Reopening Task Force met again on March 27. We are watching the situation in Palm Beach County closely and taking into consideration the guidance of the CDC, the UUA, and Covid Act Now particularly. We are hopeful for at least a partial reopening … read more.

Interim Ministry Extension

We would like to formally announce that the Board of Trustees and Rev. Ed have entered into an agreement to extend our Interim Ministry period through July 2023.  While our Interim Ministry is proceeding according to plan, this extension will allow us to go deeper … read more.

February 2021 Reopening Task Force Report

The 1stUUPB Reopening Task Force met on February 27, and continues to monitor the situation in Palm Beach County. We are hopeful for the relative speed and availability of vaccinations in our area, and by anecdotal evidence that many in our congregation are getting vaccinated. … read more.

Annual Meeting, March 28, 2021, 11:30 AM on Zoom

Hello 1STUUPB Members,

Please join us for our Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 28, directly after the service. At this meeting voting will be held on the FY 2021-22 Budget as well as the Leadership Slate Nominations from the Nominating Committee and the February 28 Congregational … read more.

Covid-19 Planning January Update

Individuals who need to visit our campus for pre-approved, mission critical tasks, must complete the below linked tracing form to the best of their ability after visiting campus.  Best sanitary practices must be followed for their, as well as staff’s and other volunteers’, safety. Thank you.

… read more.

Part II Proposed By-Law Revisions

Hello 1STUUPB Members,

Happy New Year! We hope you have enjoyed a peaceful end-of-year and gentle entrance into the new year.

Get ready all you by-law aficionados! Part II of the By-Law revisions is coming to your neighborhood Zoom meeting! A cottage meeting will be held on … read more.