The Fire of Commitment

How can we ascribe monetary value to the place of the church in our lives? Quite frankly, I’m not sure that we should. That way of thinking connects us solidly with the consumer culture in which we live. (“Let’s see…what did I get from this? Well then, I’ll give that…”) A church is not a buffet that we approach in order to pick out what we’re most in the mood for. In fact, some of the things we most need are things we wouldn’t ordinarily seek out to do. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be challenged to grow. I think that’s what church is for!  Week upon week, we make a difference in countless lives. Deep differences that are profound…life-changing…and life-affirming. And the challenge before us is, are we willing to prioritize the church in our giving?  We would be able to bring more love and more light and more justice to the world.