Reopening Task Force Update

1stUUPB AUGUST 2021 

Unfortunately, due to the continued rise in Covid-19 cases in our county, we have moved into the Brick Red (Severe/Extreme Risk) category according to Covid Act Now as of Saturday, August 14, following the weekly data release Friday from the Department of Health. Following the building usage parameters adopted by the Board in May, this means limiting the number of people together on campus to 10 people (indoors) or 10 households (outdoors), for mission critical activities only, with masks. Please see the details of the plan here.
So far the data seems to show that the vaccines are working as described: providing a very high level of protection from severe illness and death. However, it does not show, as hoped and as many assumed due to CDC guidance, that this would keep vaccinated people from getting and spreading the disease. It is becoming painfully apparent that vaccinated individuals can contract the disease from and spread the disease to other vaccinated people as well as unvaccinated individuals. With this new information becoming available and many calling for going back to masking in all public places, the Task Force feels confident in our building usage parameters at this time.
Please continue to complete the linked Campus Visit Form if you must come on campus for mission critical activities.  Best sanitary practices must be followed for everyone’s safety. Individuals visiting our campus outdoors only, need not fill out the form. If you will need to access Minister’s Hall, please check with Kim to be sure that it fits her schedule.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the safety and accessibility of our spiritual community.
The Reopening Task Force