Part III Proposed By-Law Revisions – Special Meeting, February 28

Notice of Special Congregational Meeting, February 28, 11:30 PM, Parts II & III Proposed By-Law Revisions

Revised with small grammatical changes after 2/18 Cottage meeting:

Article 13 revised 2.18.21

Articles 14 & 15 revised 2.18.21

Hello 1STUUPB Members,

Please join us for a Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 28, directly after the service, to vote on Parts II & III of the By-Law revisions. Part III includes Articles 12-16. A Cottage Meeting will be held on Zoom on Thursday, February 18, at 6:30 PM to discuss the proposed changes to Articles 12-16. [Use the Worship on Zoom Link on the Home Page.] In addition, a break-out room will be dedicated to this discussion on Sunday, February 21, for those who are unable to attend on February 18.

Review the proposed revisions by clicking on the links below. Changes from the current by-laws are shown in the documents, however the By-Laws as they currently exist can be accessed here.

Article 12 Revised

Both the Finance Committee and the Endowment Committee have now weighed in on deleting the full time minister Endowment loan Proviso in Article 12 set to expire at the end of the current FY. Deleting the proviso effectively cancels the loan. The Finance Committee recommends deleting the proviso and the Endowment Committee recently gave the following resolution to the Board of Trustees. (Read the full Endowment Committee memo here.)

“The Endowment Committee has no objection to deleting the proviso in the bylaws, in that not paying back the loan will not have a material impact on the sustainability of the endowment.”

Article 13 Revised

Articles 14 & 15 Revised

Article 16 Revised

Part II – Article 9 revisions were presented and cottage meetings held in January. Information and links to Article 9 are located at the end of this message.

If you’d like to submit any questions or comments ahead of the cottage meeting, please email them to Rachel Melcher at

Thank you all for your continued assistance as the by-laws are cleaned up as part of the interim ministry and in looking toward settled ministry.

The 1stUUPB Board of Trustees

Linked here you will find Article 9 as it is currently written and Article 9 with the proposed changes. Below are links to the UUA Handbooks that have guided this exercise. For ease, the sections referenced are in this document: UUA Resources for Article 9 By-Law Proposed Revisions.

  1. Article 9.3 Categories of Ministers see The Transitional Ministry Handbook p. 17
  2. Article 9.4 Selection of Settled Minister see The Settlement Handbook p. 35
  3. Article 9.5 Selection of Other Ministers see  The Transitional Ministry Handbook