Memorial Garden Gets a Fresh, New Look!

With Sylvia Ansay organizing us,  her son picking up the plants and digging holes, our Sexton Willie Nelson digging holes, Ben Juhl correcting the irrigation and Suzanne Schluter up to her elbows in dirt, the garden is ready for the bench and the stepping stones, which will be added later.

The plants were chosen that combine height, flowering, berries and ground cover. The bench and the stepping stones will add more character to the site.

Thank you everybody for all that you did to develop the plan and to complete the plantings in time for today’s drive thru. Our great Florida weather will see the area flourish and then we will see the melding of the plants you selected to make the Memorial Tree garden a beautiful accent point.

As volunteers, we are Building the Bridge to our Future.

Thank You
Drew Davis
Chair, Buildings & Grounds