7 Responses to “In Memoriam: June Kleeman (1928-2021)

  1. How appropriate that last Sunday was our first live service in our sanctuary in 18 months, held in front of the beautiful mosaic fabrics that she made for us. Her spirit will surely be there with us for years.

  2. June Kleeman was inspirational, full of imagination, and always determined to make things happen. She made a difference. I will miss her.

  3. I remember June very well, and always enjoyed discussions on creativity and art. Fortunately I have some of her colorful artistic creations that I had contracted with her to create for a wall hanging in my apartment. I had ask for a blue-green theme, but after she saw my space, she went ahead and created colors of orange and red. Of course she was perfectly correct as I saw when I installed them. So, I have a special way to remember.

  4. June Kleeman was a remarkable woman, wife, mother, artist, friend. I’d known her since my college days, studying under her husband, Dick Kleeman at Allegheny College. She had so many enviable qualities…a good even match to her husband! She was smart, creative, somehow able remain above the fray and have a good perspective of all that went on in front of her. She must have been an incredible nurse when she was practicing…and I remember her and Dick as vital members of the Unitarian parish in Meadville, PA. June, and Dick were very rare people, and I am so lucky to have known them. After too many years of not being in touch, I’d re-connected with her in the early Fall. Her voice and her energy and engagement hadn’t changed a bit since…1971. While I miss her and regret not having spoken with her over the years, her model of living will always be front of mind for me.

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