Compass: Navigating the Paths of Liberation Together

Are you ready to take a more sustained look into how interdependence works in UU theology and practice?

You are invited to reach into your spiritual toolkits and grab your “compass,” your wayfinder, that inner voice that points you toward goodness, and join us in charting a path toward a deeper knowing of Unitarian Universalism.

The UUA is offering a program called Compass: Navigating the Paths of Liberation Together. It is a virtual event taking place on December 11th and 12th. Our very own Article II Commission will ask for your input on our ever-evolving Purposes and Principles. This is Unitarian Universalism, our living tradition, at its theological best: striving to change and be better in a changing world, bending its arc toward a greater inclusivity and a more profound justice for all.

Learn more about Compass and register today! We hope to see you on December 11 & 12!

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