Chili Cook-Off Contest Results

The Chili Cookoff was one for the record books – or is that the cook books?!  We had seven delicious entries, provided by Colleen Conway, Laura and Robert Streb, Chris Carsman, Chris Juhl, Kim Hetrick, David Traupman and Jesse Walters.  Those who attended feasted on Vegan chilis, Traditional, Hawaiian, Black Bean, White Bean, and Pork with Salsa Verde.  We also had cornbread, white and yellow rice, tortillas, chips, and Indian biscotti.  It was a lot of food!

Congratulations to our first place winner, Colleen Conway who garnered $24 in votes, followed by second place finishers Laura and Robert Streb whose chili hauled in $20.  They each received a $25 gift card and an additional $27 was raised for Hospitality.

A big thank you to the clean up crew, Kathe Bannigan, David Greycat, Sylvia Ansay, Kim Hetrick and Laura Streb.