Speaker: Jim Scott

Prolific composer guitarist Jim Scott brings a warmth and humor with his jazz and world music influenced songs. He uses well a prodigious guitar mastery and clear voice to touch hearts with his messages of peace, justice, and the Earth. Recently, Jim received an NEA grant to produce “The Year to Save the Earth,” multimedia concert of Jim’s outspoken and celebratory songs illustrated with beautiful and striking images.
Formerly a member of the Paul Winter Consort, Jim was composer of their celebrated Missa Gaia/Earth Mass and sang their anthem song Common Ground. He has toured the world, recorded nine CDs of original music and published a growing line of choral works.
From soundtracks for film and PBS to performances in Carnegie Hall and the Great Hall of the United Nations, Jim has performed and recorded with illustrious musicians in many genres. His friend and mentor Pete Seeger called him “Some kind of a magician.” Paul Winter said of his long-time collaborator “His music sings of the life spirit.” A life-long Unitarian Universalist, Jim has played at over 700 UU churches in four decades and his songs are in the UU songbooks. One of the originators of the UU “Green Sanctuary” program, Jim also compiled the Earth and Spirit Songbook, an anthology of over 100 songs of Earth by many contemporary composers.
Learn more at Jim’s website https://jimscottmusic.com/

Gaia, Mother Earth and the Oneness of Everything

We will celebrate the earth with Jim’s original songs, readings and personal reflections on Mother Earth or “Gaia” being one living organism.  Our “spiritual response” is so timely now, as “the spirit of life on earth is in crisis.  Jim’s uplifting songs provide the balance … read more.