Elaine Silver

“Rev. Faerie” Elaine Silver is a seasoned and consummate musician. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter, touring and recording artist with 20 CDs to date and counting.
She is well-known in her original home state as “The Folk Music Queen of New Jersey,” and since moving to Florida in 2000, she has developed her passion and studies of metaphysics into a Musical Ministry. She often fills in for ministers on Sunday mornings at Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, Unitarian Centers and other progressive churches as she teaches and shares Truth Principles Through Song.
Elaine is also an Environmentalist and a Solar Activist and most recently, and due to her life-long enthusiasm for “The Fab Four,” Elaine has become a Certified Beatleologist. She and will be presenting her highly acclaimed music-inspired program Spirituality and The Beatles. Fab-gear.