Speaker: Doug Alderson

Doug is the former associate editor of Florida Wildlife magazine, and he edited A Florida Wildlife Anthology: 1947-2003. Doug has also worked as a lobbyist for several environmental groups and as a naturalist for the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. In between jobs, he has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, coordinated a walk across the United States from coast to coast, and he has backpacked across Europe.

Doug is currently the assistant bureau chief for Florida’s Office of Greenways and Trails. In 2007, as the Florida paddling trails coordinator, he finished a three-year project scouting the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail, a 1,500-plus mile sea kayaking trail around the entire state.

Finding Inspiration in the Natural World

All of our ancestors, no matter what part of the world we descend from, found spiritual inspiration in the natural world, and this holds true for many people today. Author Doug Alderson will explore this topic by sharing personal stories and drawing upon ancient traditions.

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