Is Becoming a Member of Small Group Ministry Right for You?

Are you ready for exploring your spiritual depths with a group of people
who are also seeking?

Are you willing to listen for understanding, to others
without interrupting them?

Are you ready to share your journey through life with a group of people who are also willing to share their journeys?

Are you willing to be stretched in your understanding of what it means to do the work of being human?

Would you like to help other people grow in their spiritual journeys?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, becoming a member of SGM may be just what you have been searching for.

What are SGM Groups?

SGM Groups differ from other groups in that there is more intentional sharing, with the emphasis on integrating the spiritual and the intellectual. Small Group Ministry represents a different level of commitment. There is a
covenant that goes with it: to create a safe space in which to explore issues that are spiritual.

The purpose of Small Group Ministry is ministry – to be the church with one another. The intent is for Ministry Groups to provide ongoing ministry to its members and to provide an ongoing connection with the minister.

A goal of SGM is to foster understanding and acceptance of the various religious languages that UU’s speak. Another goal is to foster service
to the church and to the community.

What Responsibilities Do SGM Members Have?

SGM Group Members have responsibilities, which include:

  • regular attendance;
  • working with group members to create a living covenant;
    maintaining confidentiality as defined in your group’s covenant;
  • being open to knowing others;
  • open to knowing yourself;
  • caring for and ministering to each other;
  • welcoming new members to your group, and
  • continuing to discover the meaning of the UU principles and
    put them into practice.

Where/When Do We Meet?

We generally meet once a month, some groups meet in each other’s homes,
some meet at the church. Sample SGM Topics:

  • The Work of Being Human
  • Our Favorite Music
  • Our Spiritual Time Lines
  • The Challenge of Change

How Do I Get Involved?

Read our Small Group Ministries Handbook and talk with one of the Facilitators or the Minister about SGM. Complete and send this form.

Application Form