On-site Sunday services are coming back! Beginning Sunday, October 31 2021 you will have the option of attending services either on-site or on-line (Facebook – you don’t need to have an account to watch)! 
This is a big step for our small congregation. We are so grateful for the many volunteers who have been flexible and adaptive and are making it happen! 

1. If you choose to join us onsite, please remember your face mask per the building usage parameters. 
2. Sunday Services/Worship is now on Facebook. Use the “Online Sunday Services” button at the top of the congregation’s home page: https://1stuupb.org/ 
3. Social Hour is both online and on-site. Please see the Frequently asked Questions below for more detail.
4. Food may or may not be served at Social Hour based on building usage parameters limitations. If you want food on Sunday, you are free to bring your own, but we ask that you not share that food unless permitted by the building use parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Will there be Social Hour After Services On-Site?
Yes. Social hour on-site is in Ministers’ Hall or outdoors, depending on our building use parameters limitations. Coffee is served according to the building usage parameters limitations. In Orange, this means coffee is consumed outdoors in disposable cups (or bring your own mug from home).

Will there be Social Hour After Services On-Line?
Yes. Worship is on Facebook, but Social Hour online will be on Zoom. This means that you will need to leave Facebook and come back to our homepage and click the “Zoom Social Hour” Button to enter Zoom.

How do I watch the Sunday Services/Worship On-line?
To view the Sunday service on-line, go to our website (https://1stuupb.org/) and click on the “Online Sunday Services” button. This will take you to our Facebook Live page.

Do I need a Facebook Account to watch Sunday Services/Worship On-line?
No. After pressing the “Online Sunday Services” button on our home page, Facebook may ask you to login or create an account. You can ignore this and still watch the service. If you do have a Facebook account, you can log in (or you may automatically be logged in).

How can I comment or chat on Facebook. Is it similar to the chat feature on Zoom?
Yes. Facebook has a comment feature, but use of this comment feature is limited to people who have logged in. If you are joining without a Facebook account or without logging in, you may not be able to comment. You will still be able to see the comments from other attendees.

Can I still watch Sunday Services/Worship on Zoom?
No. Due to limitations built in our technology, we will only be streaming to Facebook going forward.

All I see is videos from past services. Am I on the right page?
Yes. If you are early, and the service hasn’t started yet, you will see a list of past Sunday service videos. Keep this in mind in case you ever miss a service some time. You can watch these any time!
When the service starts, it will start playing at the top of the page. If you have been waiting a while, you might try going back and clicking on the “Worship on Facebook” button again to refresh the page. 

Can I make the video any bigger?
Yes. For best viewing, on the live Sunday service video as well as on the past Sunday service videos, click on the “enlarge” or “full screen” button at the bottom right of the video. 

7 Responses to “On-Site & On-line Sunday Services/Worship

  1. This is tremendous news. There was discussion about this being limited to ten “families”. I gather that is not going to be the case and we can just show up without a reservation?

  2. Jesse…we are limited by the building use parameters, which is currently 25 families. We are NOT doing any form of pre-registering, instead, if we hit a cap in the sanctuary, we will open Ministers’ Hall and broadcast the Facebook feed on the big screen in there. So, we are prepared for 50 families right now. IF we move to Yellow (which looks probable) the family cap goes away entirely (although the mask requirement remains).

    Does that answer your question?

  3. How about using masks & social distancing instead of limiting to 25 families. Gathering in ministers hall will defeat people who travel in to be in person, rather than watch on Zoom. How about recommending vaccinations for direct contacts? Our governor has politicized public health so much that it is hard to feel comfortable with the denial about safety measures.

  4. I’ll wait till things get more settled. I did not realize I could end up,alone in Minister’s Hall, looking at the service on a screen. This after a 30 minute drive.

  5. Frank, We crossed from Orange into Yellow over the weekend, so the cap on families in the sanctuary is now removed (for as long as we stay in Yellow or better).

  6. Judy, Your Building Use Taskforce considered all of these things and several more. The concern they had was administering them. What if someone forgot their card, or didn’t know they had to bring it? Other congregations are issuing tickets and distributing wrist bands and all that. The committee felt each of these options would put the church in a position of having to refuse entry, which they weren’t big fans of.

    The idea to use an overflow room meant that we would probably not have to turn anyone away, so that’s what they went with. Yes, being in Ministers’ Hall rather than the sanctuary is not great, but its better than being sent home.

    Now, (in Yellow) with the family cap being removed, its a non issue, but in the event we cross back into Orange, I’m assuming we’ll go back to the overflow option.

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