Teaching Thursday “Our Alzheimer’s Journey,” Jim Taylor

When:  Thursday, March 30, 7:00 p.m.
Where:  Minister’s Hall and Zoom
Leader:  Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor, brother of our member Dorie Maxwell is the president and CEO of Voices of Alzheimers, an organization which is fighting Medicare for coverage of recently FDA-approved drug Leqembi, a disease modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s.  Jim and his wife Geri got their start as Alzheimer’s Advocates at Teaching Thursdays here at this congregation about 8 years ago.  Since then they have spoken to over fifteen thousand folks across the country and in Europe about living well with dementia (or any chronic disease/handicap).

We welcome them back into our midst to hear an update on their remarkable journey.  For more information about the Taylors and Voices of Alzheimer’s, please visit their informative website at https://www.voicesofad.com/

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