My daughter Bridget and I are still fairly new UUs, and we are learning. We are particularly curious about how people wind up in a UU church.
So we’re going to hold a faith exploration series for older kids and teens, based on the symbols that are hanging in our sanctuary. We’re calling it the Sanctuary Symbols Exploration. It will be one session a month, during the Sunday service hour. At each session, we’ll talk about one of the symbols and invite folks from our congregation with some personal background in that faith to share their story with us.

We’ll explore questions like: What draws an atheist to a church? How is a Methodist different from other Christians? And are there really people from all faiths in our congregation?

And then that could lead to personal questions for you kids, like: How does my family fit it with these symbols? What, if any, of this rings true to me? What do think is the nature of the universe and how is a good way to live life?

Let’s explore together in good company. We will learn and have fun, even if we wind up with more questions than answers.

Kids, come to as many sessions as you like. And if you want more, like readings, art, or field trips, we can do that. Bring your ideas! I’ll bring some, too, just in case.

Members and friends, we need good folks who can give some input for our kids. Please consider sharing from your background, and let me know what session you can come to.

For session dates and info, please see our online calendar or click here for a copy of the outline.

Tara Moreno