Article II (Seven Principles) Commission

The UUA is currently involved in a review of Article II of the by-laws of the UUA (commonly referred to as the Seven Principles).

They are currently holding discussion/feedback sessions regarding this important work and would like your feedback.  Please join one of the remaining informational sessions.

You must sign up to participate.  For more information follow the link to the informational page, which also contains the links to sign up for the informational sessions.  NOTE THAT THE REMAINING SESSIONS ARE ALL WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS.

Here is the link to the informational page:

Currently, the discussion is centered around the values that would underly either our current or any proposed new principles.  The working list of values is:  love, with pluralism/diversity, interdependence, equity, generosity, justice, and evolution/growth.

There is also a feedback form, which I would encourage you to work through after you have experienced a discussion session.