­čîčMinisterial Search Team Commissioned­čîč

During the Sunday Service on October 9, we officially commissioned our Ministerial Search Team: Sylvia Ansay, Chris Carsman, Chris Juhl, and David Traupman. By that commissioning we formally bestowed upon them the authority they need to carry out the works we have assigned them and giving our blessings, strength and support to the ministries these women and men will provide in the coming year and to affirm their sense of calling to this very important role of searching for our next new minister.



Sylvia, Chris, Chris, and David: We are grateful for your willingness to take on the responsibilities of leadership in our community, we affirm your calling and vow to support your ministry of leadership in every way we can. We encourage you to take care of yourselves as you take care of us, and to remember that you are part of this community even while you lead us.