Reverend Ed Proulx

Reverend Ed Proulx serves the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches as our Interim Minister from 2020 through 2022.

He comes to us after a 25+ year career in pension services, working mostly for banks in CT, NY and most recently in SC.  His married to Francine and has two college-aged daughters who both still reside in SC.

His call to ministry is to “walk with you as you experience the mysteries of being human.”

Inclusive Language?

So much of how we think and how we see the world is visible through our language. Words we choose to use, words we resist using. Words we have in our language and words that are missing. Inclusive language? Is it all we think it … read more.

Why Your Body is Important

When we say that we must tend to the needs of our bodies, our minds and our spirits, we are right. Too often, we view our bodies as mere vehicles for our minds our our spirits. I’d bet that our minds and our spirits may … read more.

Getting Right With It

‘Tis the season for getting right with each other and the world. How do you approach this? What are your obstacles to getting right? What do you stand to gain from even considering or undertaking this activity?

What it Means to Labor

We have heard the saying “when you give something a name, you kill it”. How have we killed the truth of ‘labor’ by naming it?

Yes, and…

How do we address or even consider the bad acts of people we hold in high regard? We’ll look at Rev. Forrest Church, Bill Cosby, Niccola Tesla, Winston Churchill to name a few. How do we stick to what is true when what is true covers such a wide range of truths.