Speaker: Rev. CJ McGregor


Today is my final day as your minister. I’ll reflect on my time here, especially our most bizarre, comical, and touching moments. A special music program is planned.

Letters to the Minister

I’ve solicited letters from the members and friends of our congregation and will reflect on the comedy, the hopes, and dreams found within the pages. This congregation will continue to rise and the thoughts of its members and friends are proof of it.

I Pity the Fool

You may recognize “I pity the fool” from Mr. T. However, this phrase can be traced to Shakespeare, Nietzsche, and even the Bible. This April Fool’s Day let us trace the origins of this phrase and how it informs our Unitarian Universalist theology.

Beware of the Ides of March

The soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar, “Beware the Ides of March,” has forever imbued that date with a sense of foreboding. But in Roman times the expression “Ides of March” did not necessarily evoke a dark mood—it was simply the standard way of saying “March 15.” … read more.

The Underbelly of the Palm Beaches


We will take a look at homelessness in the land of wealth and privilege. What will this reflection mean for us as Unitarian Universalists committed to healing our communities?

The Fire of Commitment

How can we ascribe monetary value to the place of the church in our lives? Quite frankly, I’m not sure that we should. That way of thinking connects us solidly with the consumer culture in which we live. (“Let’s see…what did I get from this? … read more.

The Warmth of Our Community

We pride ourselves on the warmth and inclusiveness of our community and the opportunities we provide for spiritual growth and service to others.  What does our congregation mean to you?  What role do you play in our community? What role does the congregation play in your … read more.

The Light of Truth

This month we will focus on our congregation and it’s annual pledge campaign.  One reason, among many, to support our congregation is that here you will find one of the remaining places to be with fellow seekers.  The programs, the ministries, the fellowship–all leading us to the … read more.

Welcoming The Stranger

When you first seek hospitality, you are a stranger, merely a guest. A sojourner, one whose stay is expected to be temporary. But true hospitality welcomes the wanderer home–when we offer our hospitality, we are offering to make this his or her home, as well … read more.

Humanism in Perspective

Many UUs are following the Humanist journey. It works for them. But does this alternative, non-theistic, rationality really provide the comfort, inspiration or motivation that we all need?