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Celebrating 70 Years of 1stUUPB

Seventy years ago this year, a small group of people gathered for the first time. They had answered an advertisement in the newspaper (remember those?). Spiritual seekers, churchgoers of a different design, soon to discover that they might be Unitarians, and later, Unitarian Universalists. They … read more.

Covenant Sunday

Some people think that if you strip away all the religious and theological dogma from a church, what do you have left to hold people together? What you have left is how you ARE together. If it is the journey and not the destination that … read more.

Untapped Power. Unclaimed Joy.

Here at 1stUUPB, some of us are big doers. Some are big thinkers. If our thinking is divorced from our doing, we can end up spinning our spiritual hamster wheels and burning out our volunteers.

At-One-Ment: The Jewish High Holy Days

Everyone sins against themselves or members of their community or loved ones – to err is to be human. Judaism asks us to come back into at-one-ness with all that is. You can strengthen yourself, your relationships, your communities by bringing yourself back into their … read more.