Proposed FY2023/24 Budget & CoM Bylaw Changes Meeting

A Budget and Committee on Ministry Cottage Meeting was held January 12 to explain the draft FY2023/24 Budget and the proposed Committee on Ministry bylaw changes related to the newly adopted Covenant of Right Relations. This meeting was recorded and is available by clicking the button below.

Please use the other buttons below to view the draft buget and the two versions of the proposed Bylaw changes (with and without markup).

They proposed Bylaw changes will be voted on at the January 29, 11:30 AM Special Congregational Meeting right after service in person and on Zoom.

The budget for the FY2023/24 might change slightly after the pledge drive is completed and will be circulated at least 20 days prior to the Annual Meeting on March 26, right after the service and will be voted on by the congregation at that meeting.

Please contact Suzanne Schluter ( with any questions.

View the Draft FY2023/24 Budget Here Committee on Ministry Proposed Bylaws Final Committee on Ministry Proposed Bylaws Showing Changes Budget and CoM Proposed Bylaw Change Recorded Zoom Meeting