MeetUps: SuperGay Movie Night

The Lake Park Black Box Center for the Arts at the Kelsey Theatre is presenting SuperGay Movie night, Thursdays in November, December and January.  SuperGay Movie Night is a series celebrating LGBTQ+ filmmakers, writers and stories from around the world. These critically acclaimed and thought-provoking films are guaranteed to move you – regardless of what end of the spectrum you fall. Admission is “free” if you purchase a $15.00 Bar Card.

The congregation’s involvement is organizational.  Each movie has a page on our website (see below). If you sign up for a movie, a day or two before the movie, we will let you know who else from our immediate community has also signed up and we will publish those names amongst those who have signed up, allowing you to possibly MeetUp at the theater and share the experience of watching the movie.

Here is a list of the movie events, which are also all listed as events and on our calendar.  Each listing below is a link which will bring you to a page with more information about the movie, location, cost and allow you to sign up to meet others at the event.

December 8:  Happiest Season
December 15: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
December 22:  A Christmas Story
December 29:  Love, Actually
January 5:  Call Me By Your Name
January 12:  Blue is the Warmest Colour
January 19:  Carol