Progressivism in America from President Grant to President Trump- Trends and Cycles

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Date(s) - 02/02/2017
7:00 pm

Ministers Hall


Dick Hattwick, our own in – house economic pundit will discuss Keynesian economics and it’s central relationship to maintaining full employment. Like a vaccine the Keynesian revolution which stresses government intervention in the national economy has made it possible to prevent another Great Depression. However, right wing opposition to the implementation of its policies has, particularly in recent years, obstructed its implementation. A citizen’s guide to combat such opposition will be included in the presentation.


In a second portion of the evenings’ presentation, Gail Burwell will speak on: “The State of Women’s Employment Rights in the United States” that, among other things, will include identification of the goals yet to be achieved. Gail will also focus on the profession of nursing which she regards as one of the most promising career choices extant in today’s society.